Annabeth Goes To Goode

Annabeth Goes To Goode

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The war with Kronos has ended. But Percy has to go back to school. It is a cold, December and there is a winter dance. All of the girls keep asking Percy to be their date, but he doesn't want to go with anyone. Well anyone EXCEPT his Wisegirl. 

Annabeth has decided to transfer to Goode and go to school with Percy. But what will happen when she finds out that all of the girls are hitting on her Seaweedbrain.

I added the rest of the seven though. Just cause I can!


Rachel's Hair is Red
Thalia's Eyes are Blue 
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saturnlights saturnlights Feb 20, 2016
I haven't really read these types of stories -the Annabeth goes to Goode- type. This is my first one that I am reading but I'm enjoying it so far!!
I was so confused for a second because I'm so used to calling him Blowfish and now they're actually saying his real name and I'm like: "What even is this"😂
StarWarsMao StarWarsMao Sep 23, 2016
........... I can no longer say 'like' for my teacher has beaten the word out of me
                              ...... the only words that remain for me to say is 'such as'
SubjectAfiveTheGlue SubjectAfiveTheGlue Aug 18, 2016
And his fatal flaw is loyalty, he would have broke up with her first if he wanted to date another girl
Packrat6 Packrat6 Jan 08
Maybe she like says like so much like because she like saw Scooby doo or is it like do