What Now??

What Now??

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My awesome cover is made by PastelMilkyWait, all credit goes to them!

It's after the war and all the 7th years were invited back to redo 7th year, including Draco Malfoy the Slytherin Prince himself. When he is announced Headboy no one believes it
After a new marriage law is introduced, he must make a choice between family and what he is supposed to do,
 and true love.
Hermione Granger is back after the war, but she has changed. She is no longer the good girl that no one ever thinks of, she is the new bad girl, but she is also  the new HeadGirl.
And when a new marriage law is made she is all to happy with whom the Sorting Hat paired her with.

 I do not own the Harry Potter Franchise, or the characters I am writing about.
 All is owned by 
J K Rowling.

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about_federicapaper about_federicapaper Jun 13, 2017
The weirdest thing is that my best friend is gryffindor and i am a slytherin
_lumos_always_ _lumos_always_ Aug 05, 2017
I ship these peoples but i respect your opinions too 
                              Blinny (I'm sorry I'm conflicted) 
                              Lon (Lavender and Ron because their intellects match) 
                              Pansy and Theo (Panstheo?) 
                              And I agree with house unity.
Im_Fan_Trash Im_Fan_Trash Jul 13, 2017
I'm a hufflepuff and I have like 3 friends who aren't slytherin
SmartPanda2408 SmartPanda2408 Jun 08, 2017
OI, people who are judging Charry, don't annoy the author, it's her opinion. I don't ship Charry myself but I respect the authors ships. Just keep your opinions to yourself
Thatoneperson113 Thatoneperson113 Oct 01, 2017
Cool! I'm Ravenclaw and have a Slytherin friend. Slytherins and Ravenclaws go well together. I'm not sure why we're just kind of pulled together.
SlytherpuffCookie SlytherpuffCookie Jun 14, 2017
I love you. I ship all of those. Even charry. But i basically ship harry woth anypne other than ginny and hermione and luna... So yeah!!