Give Me Love | 2 | ✓

Give Me Love | 2 | ✓

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M I L L I E By millie_ Completed

Sequel to Serendipity. 

Four months ago, Sydney Barker fell hard for her best friend, Bradley Edwards, who'd secretly harbored a crush on her for three years. In their senior year of high school, the two finally got together, much to the relief of everyone around them. Everyone except their close friend Drew, also in love with Sydney. Ultimately Sydney chose Bradley. The two were happy together. It was perfect. Everything was great. 

Until it all came crashing down. 

Graduation has come and gone and now the six best friends are off to Italy. It's their last summer vacation together before they part ways in the fall for college, and they're gonna live it up. Before they even set foot on the plane though, problems arise, resulting in the end of the perfect couple. 

The vacation proves to be less than the time of their lives though when shocking secrets are reveled, friendships are destroyed and words left unsaid come to the light. Can Sydney make it through two months in Italy while staying sane? Will she reunite with Bradley? And what happens at the end of the summer? Will best friends finally have to say goodbye? Or will by some miracle their six-way friendship prevail?

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NerdyBookBird NerdyBookBird Apr 27, 2017
Omg I swear the aunts daughter elena or whatever better not try to hook up with Bradley or vice verse.
as the song started i  searched it up and started playin and the lryics played the exact time i scrolled
avxrie avxrie Mar 29, 2017
xrydenisrealx xrydenisrealx Jul 06, 2016
I hate whyd u ruin Bradley and Sydney I was so excited for the sequel but now I'm just really passed off why author whyyyyy
honestlyinfuriated honestlyinfuriated Feb 19, 2017
Everyone has mixed feelings about this but honestly if I were Bradley I would be pretty pissed rn
raya_annewrites29 raya_annewrites29 Jan 31, 2017
I don't really hate Drew, I mean he kissed Sydney coercively, but he was the third wheel for too long.
                              So what he did would make any couple furiously outrageous, but not that furiously outrageous.