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Pen Your Pride
Lets play a game. (A Fairytail Fanfic - Sting Eucliffe )

Lets play a game. (A Fairytail Fanfic - Sting Eucliffe )

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Valvia Colvavindia By moonlightbuckingham Updated Sep 05, 2016

I watched the two dragon slayers and the two exceeds finish off the dark guild that they accepted to earn their jewels. The glorious smirk and the emotionless façade. The smiling and the proud exceeds. All different in their own way but makes them click as tight as they are. 

My attraction lies with Weisslogia's son. His spiked up blonde hair. Bright blue eyes and the diagonal scar above his eye, the scar that was created by a dragon lacrima. I may never get a closer look than around a ten metre radius, but one day, I'll change it. Even maybe his heart.


"Interesting turn of events. Seems I'll be watching the Grand Magic Games this year, seeming as Tenrou is returning." I casually gazed over the edge of the cliff. My cape swishing madly in the forceful wind. "Seven long years, I watched your guild falter down. My guild. Yet, they've only just started to lose hope. Let's hope they remember to thank Mavis." 

Mystogan. A man who now lives in Edolas as their King but while in Earthland, always having his face hidden behind the mask. Ex S class mage of Fairytail. But he wasn't the only one who was barely seen, except, only Master Makarov knows that there is another member who stands stronger than himself. 


All character ownership go to company. Only characters I own are my OC's :  Stirilisa Aridian and  Collie. Enjoy!

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EmoGothTwins EmoGothTwins Oct 28, 2017
I have found very little good fanfics and I almost lost hope but this is renewing that hope
Mcgirl18 Mcgirl18 Jul 06, 2016
Thats clearly a spoiler if you hadn't been keeping up on the manga
moonlightbuckingham moonlightbuckingham Apr 19, 2016
Fiore is the country that fairytail, a log with the other guilds are in. But, the whole continent is called ishgar
Mysterious_Kitty Mysterious_Kitty Jun 16, 2016
                              I will speak- *sniffles* honestly...
                              This book is one of the greatest I have read and it's only the first chapter *sobs* you don't know the hard life of takes me months before I find a good sting fanfic...*criez*