Reveal? LadyNoir

Reveal? LadyNoir

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Okay so let's be honest here, who doesn't love this ship? For the past few months(correction from year into future)  I've been obsessed with them. If  you like the fast paced stories i'd advise you not to read this cause it might be a little longer than you expect but don't worry there is still fluff along the way. So enjoy!



Marinette Dupain-Cheng finds out Hawk Moth's plans are not what they intended to be. Instead of simply asking her miraculous he asks for her to do some evil doings of her own before he takes the miraculous. 

Reveals and fluffs later, Marinette realizes she doesn't want to be apart of his evil plan. 

Will Marinette get out of Hawk Moth's grasp? And will her true love believe her story?

I find that funny, he has the worst of luck and he's a black cat. Poor poor Adrien, Plagg is making his luck worse than it already was
Wait wut....i came across this and the cmoments said they were posted in June 2016?
no_its_kat no_its_kat Oct 06, 2016
Walkin' through the door like normal people
                              Me: wait Adrian's not normal
Caleo777 Caleo777 Nov 23, 2016
Unlike other Miraculous Ladybug fanfics, I really really like this villain's backup story. It's very interesting!
iamkatjk iamkatjk Jul 31, 2016
You know, Camembert doesn't smell that bad until you leave it in your schoolbag.
                              Then it smells worse than Stilton (which is really delicious)
Omg I knew it my sis love this her name is __the_dark_shadow_