Madness {Minecraft: Story Mode Fanfiction}

Madness {Minecraft: Story Mode Fanfiction}

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this loser By shimmer832 Updated Jun 07

Lack of Energy...

Labored Breathing...

Common symptoms of Wither Sickness.

Caused by overexposure to the Wither Storm and its Tractor Beams.

The victim will begin to grow weaker and weaker until their inevitable death.

What's worse, They aren't the only ones here who have it.

{This is a fan made, alternate ending to Episode Four of Minecraft: Story Mode. Anything that happens in this story that does not happen in the real game is non-canon.}

StarG4zer StarG4zer 7 days ago
I knew it was gonna happen anyway. *sobs uncontrollably* I watched big b play it before playing the game myself...
You've got som real talent here. :) Mind checking out my story? It's cool if you choose not to I don't think it an issue.
Milquee Milquee Jan 30
Guess what?
                              "Jesse, what your doing means WERE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!"
Mowwwwww Mowwwwww Apr 25
I kinda ship jesse and magnus am i lonely on this 
                              Thats prob why i cried when he dies
SuperShimmeringPuppy SuperShimmeringPuppy Dec 31, 2015
I KNEW IT.ITS LUKAS!ITS ALWAYS LUKAS! XD (not that they're's anything wrong with that I'm just saying)
Theredthunderwolf Theredthunderwolf Dec 30, 2015
                              THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING
                              This isn't just a one shot,is it?