She's mine   Markiplier x Reader

She's mine Markiplier x Reader

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Royaleyes03 By Royaleyes03 Updated Jun 11

Yeah, I can't do summaries. XD

First thing I know,  I'm drawing Undertale AUs. 
                              I go to sleep, and the next thing I know, I'm here!
Okay so psyco bitch fan goes into his house then he makes out with her
                              TEH FUQ???
What the hell!? I confoosed, markimoo just kissed me but he doesn't even know my name. And as far as he knows I'm just a random chick who he found wandering his house..... Halp I think I'm lost
I'm now confused... a fan just teleports in a sexy YouTubers home and makes out with him
LiSuper LiSuper Aug 12
This is confusing as hell...i doubt markimoo would be so inviting to a random girl in his house and then kiss her...
I'm confused with the plot...please explain😫 I can't read it if I don't understand it...