She's mine   Markiplier x Reader

She's mine Markiplier x Reader

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Royaleyes03 By Royaleyes03 Updated Feb 18

Yeah, I can't do summaries. XD

Let me get this straight. I appear in markipliers house then he kisses me. Then we hav-... 
Not gonna lie. That went from a two to a ten really quickly. I'm serious. Like, don't mind me I'm just that psychopathic murderer who was on the news. Oh, and don't try to call anybody because I'm psycho and cut the phone lines!
trashcrow trashcrow Mar 31, 2016
First thing I know,  I'm drawing Undertale AUs. 
                              I go to sleep, and the next thing I know, I'm here!
Undertale_Freak_Fan Undertale_Freak_Fan Apr 17, 2016
Okay so psyco bitch fan goes into his house then he makes out with her
                              TEH FUQ???
ToriplierSepticMarsh ToriplierSepticMarsh Jun 13, 2016
What the hell!? I confoosed, markimoo just kissed me but he doesn't even know my name. And as far as he knows I'm just a random chick who he found wandering his house..... Halp I think I'm lost
vincent_fnaf_fan vincent_fnaf_fan May 11, 2016
I'm now confused... a fan just teleports in a sexy YouTubers home and makes out with him