Shattered Pieces

Shattered Pieces

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/This book will be going through editing I don't know when/

Naruto is extremely depressed and self harms, Naruto always hides his true emotions behind a mask. What will happen when Sasuke finds out about Naruro's self harming. Will Sasuke help Naruto get better or will it be to late for Naruto?

*Trigger warning*
*Self harm warning*
*BoyxBoy warning*


Deku__ Deku__ May 28
I've been looking for this forever (I read it a while back) and I'm gonna cry I finally found it yes
Sakura... Thats is an awful and disgusting thing to do.... Well what's new your both of those things
Whenever I see Sasuke-Kun I think of "Sasuke-Kunai", dont know why tho.
so this is how naruto sounds inside his sounds pretty realistic if you ask me
Whaaaa wait hold up am I dreaming 
                              Like this is the perfect set up for a yaoi
*looks off into distance* 
                              THE CABIN IN THE WOODS
                              *move flash backs