novelette ➳ monsta x ✔

novelette ➳ monsta x ✔

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- - Nov 24, 2016
name: aya
                              bias: hyungwon and wonho [i cant choose, you can do either c":]
                              genre: starts sad, ends angst
rhyys_ rhyys_ Aug 23, 2016
Name: safira
                              Bias: hyungwon
                              Genre: angst yet fluffy and a bit sexy? Do you mind? Hehe 😂
-baeyoobin -baeyoobin Nov 25, 2016
-- end, please,jaebal HAHAHA,i'll open another request soon--
supyoman supyoman Oct 18, 2016
Plz don't mind I didn't write according to the criteria. . But if u like can u write one on kihyun and wonho anything is fine if they are involved💕💕💕❤  Am I too late ????? 😕😕
RahoofaJubran RahoofaJubran Sep 17, 2016
Name : rahaf
                              Bias : Minhyuk
                              Genre : romantic love,  ends with sexy
The_Lovely_things The_Lovely_things Nov 14, 2016
Name: Ava
                              Bias: Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun or Hyungwon (do whichever you like best)
                              Genre: Romance, comedy