No Name (Ereri Smut)

No Name (Ereri Smut)

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attack__on__yaoi By attack__on__yaoi Updated Jul 13, 2016

The 17 year old No Name fan Eren!

Gets way more then he wanted when he meets his idols from No Name!..... 

As he is the first No Name fan to find out all 3 band members names! 


I really can't handle "making moaning sounds to the song" because I'm thinking of him making girly ones and changing their pitch in tune with the song.  
                              Plus I'm too lazy to listen to the song in this chapter because I have my own and I don't wanna change it.
niaraelon niaraelon Jul 09
@ememthefangirl do u wanna be my beatfriend so we can beat out meat together
Their reactions is my reactions when someone brings up Andy Biersack
fnhwpacc fnhwpacc Jul 30
I feel like Eren would be obsessed with a band if he lived in our time
I swear to god Michael Paget made the smile gesture to me at a gig once and when I grinned like a maniac he continued headbanging........though I suppose everyone thinks that band members are looking directly at them (I hope he was)
I dunno dude, I wonder why you dont know No Name's members names, wow how mysterious, made me rethink my lyfe