The Girl From Durmstrang

The Girl From Durmstrang

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Katelyn By hellyeahkatelyn Updated Jun 01, 2016

Allondra (Rae) Petrovich was the first, and only girl ever accepted into Durmstrang Institute.

This head-strong and intelligent girl held a high status at her school, her mastering of magic made her renowned widely across the Wizarding World.

When the Triwizard Tournament is announced she will travel to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry, her encounters with "The Golden Trio", will lead her on a journey she'd never imagined.

This story is of her amazing journey with "The Chosen One", and how her involvement will turn the tides of fate, and forever alter the future.

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hana_yuki16 hana_yuki16 May 10, 2016
OH MY MERLIN!!!! pls pls pls pls pls x1000000000000000 ... Update !!!! Its amazing that o cant even find a word !!! (Though i said amazing ..) i lovd it ♡♡♡
Carrotcorn Carrotcorn Jun 29, 2014
Pls, pls, pls update, I'm curious too what will happen in the next chapter! No rush though.
VAGoTHPxx VAGoTHPxx Jun 25, 2014
Noooooooo..... you have to update :'( please... btw I LOVES the begining ;)
the2graces the2graces Jan 12, 2014
This is a great start, I wish you would update it! I'm actually writing a story about a durmstrang girl too, I hope you'll check it out ^_^
Spirit0Soul Spirit0Soul Dec 28, 2013
Please can you write another chapter, no rush but you left me on a cliff hanger there. THANK YOU.
cait_army_ot7 cait_army_ot7 Dec 17, 2013
Please update this!!!! This is amazing and I cant wait for the next chapter!!!!!!