{Various!Inazuma Eleven x Reader} It Has Begun

{Various!Inazuma Eleven x Reader} It Has Begun

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Teri-5 By FateOfDeath666 Updated Feb 04, 2017

A (h/c)-haired girl had literally just appeared in their lives but that one, single meeting changed their fates forever. (Y/n)(L/n) was the name... And forever will it be marked in their heads... And hearts...
"Is it really worth it for you to join them, (Y/n)?"

"Apparently so... If you look at them closely... There's more to them than they seem..."

"I... don't really see what you see in them but, then again... You see the things that we're blind to..."

"I'm glad that you're okay with this... But our paths would soon cross again; remember that..."
This is basically a reverse harem with you, being the main character. There are also some that are not included in this harem but still, I'll do my best if I could add the minor characters.

This took place after they've won the championship and two years before they've graduated.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inazuma Eleven or you. I'm just doing this for fun xD

I already posted this on Quotev; please do not assume that I've copied this from another user.

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Sky01Kokuryuu Sky01Kokuryuu Jul 30, 2017
Me :* Laughs maliciously yet quietly *
                              Team :* Cowers in a corner hugging each other *
Hoodedproxy Hoodedproxy Apr 20, 2017
I swear to god 
                              when I was younger it took me 3 episodes to understand that Kazemaru wasn't a girl
CelestiaStarlight CelestiaStarlight Dec 26, 2015
"And once they've considered themselves as perfect, they stop improving. Therefore, they won't evolve, for they believe their strengths have surpassed the few." - Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy (?) XDDD Not sure though.. HAHAHAH!!
CelestiaStarlight CelestiaStarlight Dec 26, 2015
ORAYT! One of my favorite characters is here! 
                              Well, of course he's here, you Baka! 
                              *gets shot* XDD