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Enchanted -Septiplier-

Enchanted -Septiplier-

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Nerf History By Lynn_Shawe Completed

In another world known as Magnus where magic is used and practiced by sorcerers something rare happens. A boy who was born by two who couldn't use magic ends up being raised by a powerful sorceress and to most people's surprise has an aptitude in the one thing he should not be able to do and that was magic.

When he gets accepted into an academy for the gifted he makes a pretty bad first impression by bumping into the world's most famous teenage sorcerer Mark Fischbach. Mark usually being able to figure people out is rather stuck when it comes to Sean and he plans on getting to the bottom of who really is Sean McLoughlin and how is it he can use magic

With all of the possibilities and opportunities just what adventures and troubles could these two boys get into?

skysky055 skysky055 Apr 29
It's good so far... and you actually have good grammar which is surprising because most people that makes stories on here.. at least of what I've read so far, don't and it bothers me xD
idefkokcool idefkokcool Apr 09
Everyone here is like "Harry Potter and hogwarts and wizards and...!!!" And I'm here like 
                              hmmmm...the world of in Magnus Chase?
TieganRoss TieganRoss Dec 10, 2016
I celebrate on the 24th and in rs we learnt that some celebrate it on the 6th of jan. I was meant to be born on the 6th of january but i was 2 days early
Pan-Flippn_FANDRAGON Pan-Flippn_FANDRAGON Dec 27, 2016
Omg I had to read this aloud because it's so storybook sounding! I love it!
iFlyOnWings iFlyOnWings Nov 23, 2016
Y'know if Hogwarts/Bajen was real I'd be so sad to know I'm just a muggle with no special abilities.
- - Jan 21
I've always thought of myself as someone with fire powers. For some reason, i am always warm and i din't get burned easily