The Kept Secret (Slowly Editing)

The Kept Secret (Slowly Editing)

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You can never escape from your secret

When Lilly Dunn found herself pregnant after a drunken one-night stand with Chance Morgan, she felt scared of what her family and Chance would think. Chance is known as a playboy amongst their peers and she doesn't want the baby raised around such a person. It's even a bigger problem knowing Chance is the son of a close family friend, causing Lilly to stress even more about carrying his child and what he would do if he found out. With her mind made up and some help from a new found friend she decides to keep the baby a secret and leaves home. 

Seven years later she is happy with her life and wonderful little girl, Ayanna. She keeps in contact with her parents through emails throughout the years but never told them about Ayanna. When she received an email from her mother telling her that her father was in the hospital on his death bed, she rushes back to her hometown to see her father, only to find Chance there as well. Chance is determined to have Lilly in his life but isn't aware that they have a daughter together. What will happen when her kept secret is exposed to all those she tried to keep it from?  

(Note: this story is more PG-16 for there is mild sexual contact and vulgar language. Warning I am dyslexic so there are grammar problems within this story, so please try to overlook it. Working on editing now that the story is finished.) 

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Not trying to be rude, but thats probably for the best ... my first thought was "what the hell is he doing? Thats not okay..." but that could be just me....
She's doesn't like or trust him but she drinks and get drunk with him. Brilliant lily
So they just gonna let him call their daughter by another names
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Bro it's a bit late for asking permission now don't ya think 
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Wait wut you've been forcing her hundreds and thousands of words ago 😂😂😂 how drunk r u hun