They call me a devil (Twilight And Vampire Diaries )

They call me a devil (Twilight And Vampire Diaries )

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∆ The one and only Nina ∆ By rinalover Updated Aug 22, 2016

*Everyone has a darkness inside them*

What am I ? A indestructible monster

Who am I ? The devil

Where am I? Getting revenge

People think the bad guys are bad but they aren't always bad.

Note that my grammar is not amazing and this is my first story so I hope you enjoy it !!   oh the cover is made by @aruatics she makes the best covers ever!!!!!

Oh and heads up this book was badly written but its getting rewritten now!!!

[ klaus love story ]


 [  twilight and vamipire diaries crossover ]


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I like it but you made me atop listening to exo so I dislike you.... for now
How do you make a trailer I new and learning and I already know how to add music to my videos but how do I make a trailer
Bro if I knew how to edit shít like that welp screw introducing our characters we got trailers
Malakwael1 Malakwael1 May 23, 2016
ITS PERFECT, AMAZING, AND AWESOME I love YOUR TRAILER😍😍😍😍 I can't stop watching it😆😍
XmysterysmileX XmysterysmileX Jan 24, 2016
Wow! Great for a 13 year old! I love it! Keep it up gorgeous x