Chemical Reaction ▹ GaLe [FAIRY TAIL]

Chemical Reaction ▹ GaLe [FAIRY TAIL]

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mika-chan ♡ By pasteltsundere Updated Oct 31

❝You drive me so mad sometimes-❞

 ❝Admit it, shrimp, you love it.❞


Mando55555 Mando55555 Jul 16
Just knows ng that it's asuna has me me going like MY SHIP WITH YOU AKD KIRITO WTF MAN
Kira2422 Kira2422 Oct 27
Again... Hmmm... I'm starting to think the teacher is really a into shipping
so where the threat at😐 oh wait that was a threat😕 bitch please sit down if that's the best you got
SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The teacher obviously ships most of the kids in the class)
Kat_MCD Kat_MCD Aug 09
B*tch that the best you've got!? *laughs evilly* I will cut off all your hair, your hands, and hmmm... I'll stab you to death. Kay? ^-^
Kat_MCD Kat_MCD Aug 09
That's fanfic speak, for: "I ship you guys and you will be in pairs because feels"