The Hit Man Saved Me

The Hit Man Saved Me

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"Stop being so overdramatic." He merely says. I narrow my eyes at him, setting Jeremiah down but keeping myself between the two of them. 

"Overdramatic? Are you kidding me, Michael? I'm twenty-fucking-six, I don't belong anywhere near the god damned mafia!" I nearly yell at him, "I have a three year old child who needs me. I-I went to college and nursing school. I did everything to make sure I had a good future, and- and James just took it all away from me. All he had to do was stay away, keep me from getting involved. I don't..." 

I take a deep shuddering breath. 

"How could he do this to me? I thought he loved me. I thought... I gave up everything for him. I-I was r-raped because of him." The tears started to fall, "How could he tell someone to k-kill me? How could he do this?"


His body is heavy against mine as his fingers press bruises into my throat. I can hardly suck in a breath. His eyes are almost black with anger. He lets go of my throat in favor of pressing a hard forearm there instead. He grips my chin with his free hand, hard enough to bruise. 

"Stop." I gasp, "Michael, please-"

"Do not ever say her name." He says, pushing his forearm into my throat harder for emphasis. It nearly cuts off all my oxygen supply. I have to wheeze to breathe. My vision is beginning to darken around the edges. 

"Do you hear me? You don't get to say her name." He snaps, his eyes wild. 

I struggle to nod. I can't say anything. 

"You think you mean anything to me?" He growls coldly, "You mean nothing. You'll never be worthy of speaking her name. Do you understand? You're nothing."

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