B.R.A.T. ||Jeff the Killer||

B.R.A.T. ||Jeff the Killer||

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Kalli By MissKreepypasta Completed

||2nd Place Jeff the Killer Category Fall Creepypasta Awards 2016||

Being an obnoxious, disagreeable child has always been Luca's first line of defense.

A glance at what real hell is, may just change the way he looks at the world, for good.

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Jeff the Killer is public domain.

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wait... is this a male x male fanfic..?
                              wow. didn't see this coming
MCR was my whole fvcking childhood. Not emo anymore (unfortunately parents almost kicked me out so I had to get myself back to "normal") but still listen to them and other bands often. Awe my teen years😏
Chess_Cat Chess_Cat Jun 30
He's becoming edgier. But will he be edgier than the edgy edgelord?
He's showing clear signs of psychopathy..... anyone else notice this?
Wait, is the word he was talking about in the be gaining Brat or Death?
I'm liking this- edgy, deep, and I can't understand a single word!