B.R.A.T. ||Jeff the Killer||

B.R.A.T. ||Jeff the Killer||

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***ON HIATUS*** By MissKreepypasta Completed

||2nd Place Jeff the Killer Category Fall Creepypasta Awards 2016||

Being an obnoxious, disagreeable child has always been Luca's first line of defense.

A glance at what real hell is, may just change the way he looks at the world, for good.

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Jeff the Killer is public domain.

writeandcreateworlds writeandcreateworlds Dec 02, 2016
Dude I fall asleep to semi metal and scary stories lols, like lullabies
ShibuyaK ShibuyaK Jan 04
I'm dead, I used to listen to them back in my huge emo phase. I mean they're music is good but it's not for me anymore lmao.
MQayyoom MQayyoom Dec 09, 2016
The emo master 
                              Even tho getting hurt by other kids is serious
CrybabyVeilPilots CrybabyVeilPilots Oct 17, 2016
ThatFailedKid ThatFailedKid Dec 21, 2016
sO gIve mE aLl yOur pOiSOn 
                              ANd GiVe mE aLL youR pILlS
                              aNd gIvE Me aLL yOuR hOPeLESS hEaRTs aND mAk3 mE iLl
Zeltanix Zeltanix Aug 08, 2016
They told me it would end the pain
                              They lied
                              (Lmao hopefully someone gets the reference)