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My Bully, My Love (Ereri/Riren, Eren X Levi)

My Bully, My Love (Ereri/Riren, Eren X Levi)

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dbecrazy By dbecrazy Updated Jan 14

Eren is a high school popular kid. Levi is a loner, who only has two friends. Eren and Levi used to be best friends but soon drifted away from each other. Eren is Levi's bully, but Levi doesn't object because he loves Eren. When he finds out why Eren is bullying him, will love flourish, or is love the reason? 

The beginning of this story is kind of rushed. 

This is an Ereri/Riren story. Don't like it? Don't read it. 

I do not own the characters. I just own the plot hopefully. 

Credit to all artists.

of course imma see the rest! I've read this book once before, once i re-read it i'll be sure to check out the rest!☺️
Everyone is taking but ceil and Sebastian and I am just here like, wtf does earl grey tea taste like lmao ( I didn't even think 'bout bb lmao)
Okay, so I am on another ride? How do I always end up in different rides?! Will it ever stop?!
I didn't know I was on a alton towers ride called 'these feels' better buckle up! *buckles up and waits for others to do so, so the ride can start.*
aliacook aliacook Apr 24
I'm just imagining Levi saying shh and dragging his finger around Eren's face XD
Who else I laughing 'cause they can actually see levi doing this with wren and hangi is watching and nearly dying of laughter.?