Black Death - Klaus Mikaelson

Black Death - Klaus Mikaelson

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Kendra Thais By potterwhojohnlocked Updated Sep 14

"Ashildr Mikaelson is Klaus Mikaelson's twin sister, but that's not all she was."

Ashildr Mikaelson is the Mate of the Original Hybrid Nikalus Mikaelson 
But she is also an Original Hybrid.
See, Niklaus and Ashildr are twins, they share a bond, a more extreme bond than siblings should have.
They are Mates, the special Original Hybrid Twin Mates. 
Follow the story of the world in the eyes of the supernatural.

Vaguely following the series plot.
All rights for the Vampire Diaries go to the show runner of the show and the author of the books.

Angeliki4 Angeliki4 Jun 07
Ok so is this just sibling love or is it more like Jaime and Cersey Lanister??
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That was AMAZING!!!! Seriously i loved! You're making my dream come true!!! U are a such bae !
yesssssssss omg i wans waiting for this type of fanfiction since  last yeart!!!! Omg i love u!!! Keep posting
Haha, thank you.
                              I'm updating every Wednesday, so look out for them.
xlyra1998 xlyra1998 Jan 01
This is an amazing story. An science can't qait till the next update. The suspense is gonna kill me.