He Cant Be... || EDITING ||

He Cant Be... || EDITING ||

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Kylea By derpymuffins14 Completed

It's a story about werewolves (cliché!) A girl named Heaven who was a former member of the Phantom pack. But after years of being abused and neglected, she finally got the courage to leave and go rouge. 

Now a few years later, just another day of walking in the woods, she is discovered by patrol wolves of the Death pack. Already frightened at the fact one of the wolves was the Beta, she later discovered the Alpha of the pack is her mate. Now she is headed for a huge roller coaster of emotions and challenge and doesn't know if she will survive.

I've been running since I was thirteen. Yes I was young, but I was disowned by my parents. My whole pack thought I was a waste of time because I couldn't fight.
"William, why did you call me...."was all that a tall muscle man sporting blonde with a hint of black hair said before he turned looking straight at me.
So I completed this book, and it is unedited! I'm having a professional person edit it since I'm going to work on the sequel and continue playing softball. Hope you enjoy this book if this is your first time reading this.

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  • alpha
  • caring
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  • romance
  • scared
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spiritbooks78 spiritbooks78 Jun 01, 2016
But it's true. She's a rogue because she was kicked out of her pack!
WolfOfUS WolfOfUS Feb 18, 2016
How is it a lie when it is only partially the truth. Lying is different than tell only partial truth. Lying is when you say something that does not hold any resemblance to the truth at all.