Uke! Attack on Titan x Seme! Male! Reader

Uke! Attack on Titan x Seme! Male! Reader

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Peter 'Seme' Adams By Yaoi_God_Peter06 Updated Mar 14

This is hopefully going to be a book full of oneshots for AOT guys/girls and their dominant boyfriend/husband, YOU! Yes, you. You are in a relationship with the wo/men from AOT, you thought they would dominate you? HAHA! Wrong.

There will be girl x male reader, guy x male reader, x male reader x, etc.

I've had quite an obsession with MaleReader Fanfics for some reason. I'm sure a lot of you do too, otherwise what are you doing here? Joking. Thanks for reading and please request so I don't get writer's block. BTW anytime there are no requests I will try to come up with my own.

Maybe a crossover Free x AoT
                              Eren x Seme male reader x Makptp?
                              Who can resist a cute guy with brown hair and green eyes 7u7 .... good look with your book and One shots uwub
Can you do a uke!Jean x seme!male!reader (lemon)? (。・ω・。)
I'd Love to see an overprotective reader with Mikasa. Doesn't matter what era :) pls
Hmp. I have nothing to say but, YOU ARE AN AWSOME AUTHOR!!! 
                              REPLY QUICKLY
Omfg please... This is my everything. Though on wattpad no one has really done a BoyxBoy one. I breaks my heart a little..
I'm so selfish :v
                              Please,can you do an uke!Berthold x seme!male!reader lemon (?)