Uke! Attack on Titan x Seme! Male! Reader

Uke! Attack on Titan x Seme! Male! Reader

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Peter 'Seme' Adams By Yaoi_God_Peter06 Updated Mar 14, 2016

This is hopefully going to be a book full of oneshots for AOT guys/girls and their dominant boyfriend/husband, YOU! Yes, you. You are in a relationship with the wo/men from AOT, you thought they would dominate you? HAHA! Wrong.

There will be girl x male reader, guy x male reader, x male reader x, etc.

I've had quite an obsession with MaleReader Fanfics for some reason. I'm sure a lot of you do too, otherwise what are you doing here? Joking. Thanks for reading and please request so I don't get writer's block. BTW anytime there are no requests I will try to come up with my own.

ValeskaPacheco ValeskaPacheco Feb 23, 2016
Maybe a crossover Free x AoT
                              Eren x Seme male reader x Makptp?
                              Who can resist a cute guy with brown hair and green eyes 7u7 .... good look with your book and One shots uwub
forellatorres forellatorres Feb 23, 2016
Can you do a uke!Jean x seme!male!reader (lemon)? (。・ω・。)
Jasperr_ Jasperr_ Dec 23, 2016
If you wanna would you do a fluffy cute one with him??? Or a hardcore smut(like bdsm, toys, ect;) [geeze that went from 0 to 100 lol]
NikeSoldier13 NikeSoldier13 Apr 11, 2016
I'd Love to see an overprotective reader with Mikasa. Doesn't matter what era :) pls
Aph_England_UK Aph_England_UK Jun 10, 2016
Hmp. I have nothing to say but, YOU ARE AN AWSOME AUTHOR!!! 
                              REPLY QUICKLY
FlawlessRuby FlawlessRuby May 04, 2016
Omfg please... This is my everything. Though on wattpad no one has really done a BoyxBoy one. I breaks my heart a little..