Secret Identity (Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic)

Secret Identity (Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic)

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Amateur de chocolat By mllu8101 Updated Oct 31, 2016


When Marienette Dupain-Chang and Adrian Agreste find Unknown jewelry, and become something not far from being called a super hero, they don't exactly take it well. However, when an evil man called Hawkmoth shows up and starts terrorizing the town with his butterfly's he calls Akumas, they're forced to help the city and transform. 
"Meet Ladybug and Chat noir!"

(Based on the TV show, Miraculous Ladybug. Everything in here that's related to that show, belongs to that show. I tried to mix it up a little, but oh well. I ship Ladynoir!)

Chat: My princess?
                              LB: W-WHAT NO. I DIDN'T SAY KITTY! WHY WOULD I CALL YOU KITTY?!
Leonidas_son_of_Nike Leonidas_son_of_Nike Sep 12, 2016
It's the only love triangle (square) with only two people actually in it
fantasykeeper fantasykeeper Oct 04, 2016
Who cares about the colour what about the fact she has piggy tails not a ponytail!!
I_See_Strange_Things I_See_Strange_Things Sep 06, 2016
*looks up at the beginning of chapter* That was purrdictable sense it was at the beginning of the chapter and all
                              the first sentence describes why she gets the bee kwami xD
1queenoftheuniverse1 1queenoftheuniverse1 Dec 29, 2016
Why is it always so easy to break the items? I mean for dark Cupid it was diamond how the heck did she break it that easily?