The Mask's Mistress (A Naruto Fan Fiction)

The Mask's Mistress (A Naruto Fan Fiction)

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Chiara D. Bustillo By GCChiara42 Updated Feb 14

Chiara Dane Bustillo. Chiara Machigai, as I came to know her.

Never in my life have I met such an intriguing girl, with her twisting attitude that varies along the mood;

Her personality that was too complicated and mysterious to describe, with her daily sarcasm that constantly annoyed me;

Her ballistic moves when she slaughters her opponents mercilessly into pieces and pools of blood;

Her eyes that were always so dark, but managed to shine whenever she was happy;

Her way of speech that made it hard to label if it was a dialect, and accent or if she was simply too lazy to pronounce proper words...

Oh, how could I forget about her infinite love for swearing?

In short, I would say that she was mysterious, always keeping her secrets from the world, acting like a fool on the outside...

But one day, I would want her to open up to me, no matter how good of a kunoichi she is, and how ninja are supposed to refrain themselves from leaking in emotions..

She kept so much bottled up inside...

So how is it that someone like her manage to make me open up?

Ah, how pitiful, someone like me being so smitten up in my feelings..

I just had to fall for a girl that once ruled a gang--and was even the leader of it--that cared hardly for her looks; that cursed freely like any improper child; that was crazily sadistic in terms of sacrificing for Jashin..

She's terrifying. She managed to make someone like me fall head-over heels.

I remember the times where she would throw a kunai at me..

Terrifying, but lovable all the same.

Crazy, I know.

But she's just broken inside. Killing was probably her way to relieve all the pain; playing pranks with her friends was her way of weird enjoyment; annoying her girl friends with her uneven hair...

Masking her emotions for the sake of protecting us.

If I were to tell you who was the greatest ninja of all times.. it would've make sense if I said Chiara.

She's the "Mask's Mistress" afterall.


Published: January 30th 2016
End: Ongoing

Mistyy23 Mistyy23 Sep 15, 2016
This song really fits the rest of the story! And the story is absolutely fantasticly amazing! 😱😱😍😍😊😊
Le_Cookie_Jar Le_Cookie_Jar Oct 02, 2016
That was lovely, author-san~
                              I certainly look forward to reading this story :)
zerkiryuismybae zerkiryuismybae Dec 25, 2016
Um do the boys fall in love with her i mean in the intro it sounded like that but u didnt mention if it was a various
XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Aug 13, 2016
Amazing cover! Its really good.... It makes me feel ashamed ._.