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My Master's Sister (Genos x Reader)

My Master's Sister (Genos x Reader)

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wardell's stalker By -sugarush Updated Apr 05

Shattered Series #1
      "I may be a robot.. but that doesn't mean I can't feel any emotions.. I was once a human, a friend.....
      and a lover..."
      ~S l o w   U p d a t es~
      "This man may be a jerk! But this jerk is my brother! And this jerky brother is mine and I love this jerk so much!" She shouted as she put her right arm on her left chest. As the brothers attack master and his sister, master and Y/N knocked them both at the same time... Yep, they are siblings alright.
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        Date Started (Published): Jan. 1, 2016

KaatKrew KaatKrew Mar 30
Every time I see 'master' I will say sensai(?) out loud in a voice like Genos XD
I'm annoying, like stepping on Lego a million times annoying
He's lucky to have me, I mean, what kind of an idiot would pay for three people in order to stay in a little hot appartment, only me.
You abviously don't know me anymore, Saitama. I'm ten times the man mom was c:
Ha I am annoying and I will randomly say I wish this person or that person died... but who can blame me when they are girls in my class that fuss over EVERYTHING! I am sorry to girly-girls but I don't like them that much because they complain about lots of things
I would be slouching. I looked it up and he's 5'9" and genius is 5'10" I'm 6'5" I'm 8 inches taller than saitama and 7 inches taller than genos I'll just say I placed my head on top of saitama's cause I do that