My Master's Sister (Genos x Reader) [#Wattys2016]

My Master's Sister (Genos x Reader) [#Wattys2016]

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『✘SINpai✘』 By dipcifica143 Updated Oct 24, 2016

Shattered Series #1


    "I may be a robot.. but that doesn't mean I can't feel any emotions.. I was once a human, a friend.....
    and a lover..."
    ~S l o w   U p d a t es~
    "This man may be a jerk! But this jerk is my brother! And this jerky brother is mine and I love this jerk so much!" She shouted as she put her right arm on her left chest. As the brothers attack master and his sister, master and Y/N knocked them both at the same time... Yep, they are siblings alright.
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      Date Started (Published): Jan. 1, 2016

UndertaleTrash454 UndertaleTrash454 Nov 28, 2016
"Oh come on! I'll pay you rent"
                              * Puts down 10 sacks*
                              "Good to have you back my apartment is this way and make yourself at home"
Nezumi1314 Nezumi1314 Sep 13, 2016
Two-punch girl... Heh. ( sounded a lot better in my head😁) TWO PUNCH!!!! Okay I'll keep reading now, (I'm sorry)
iHaveTooManyBaes iHaveTooManyBaes Mar 20, 2016
I'll become one if its the only option left, or even if its not, I mean, guys can pee standing up...    okay, that just went wayyy out of topic
ChatNerd ChatNerd Apr 04, 2016
"Can I live here?" 
                              "Ill pay rent" KA--CHING
                              "Did you bring a toothbrush?"
crazycandycassandra crazycandycassandra Nov 12, 2016
I am awesome but in reality i would never be able to do this
crazycandycassandra crazycandycassandra Nov 12, 2016
My names alise. Your now girlfriend-i mean teacher!! teacher yeah that's what i said