Running away from my Alpha mate (boyxboy)

Running away from my Alpha mate (boyxboy)

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mato2_tetsu By BRS_kurokotetsuya Updated Dec 15, 2017

Taylor Jackson is the Omega of his pack. For some unknown reasons which he can't seem to remember he is blamed for the death of his own parents and the Alpha's parents. Everyday of his life was a living hell. It made his life even worse when his deep secret was revealed. One that had been hidden for so long but was found out when he was 14.

And that secret was that...he was gay.

And there is another small problem, he has a crush on his Alpha, Derek Hudson. On the eve of 

Derek's birthday, he found out Taylor was his mate. Isn't it perfect for Taylor? Wrong. 

Derek rejected Taylor and now Taylor is left there on the ground heartbroken. 

Will life get better or worse for Taylor?

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shontay637 shontay637 Jun 01, 2017
I know what you mean I hate when people criticize my stories
CaptainDragnee CaptainDragnee Sep 29, 2017
read the description should get me pissed on some ppl i hope u finish this if its not finished
Why am I already attached to this character they are precious help them AHH
_CorKy_B _CorKy_B May 21, 2014
I love this book but its like taylor can't never catch a break
NellieDarkSweetVamp NellieDarkSweetVamp Mar 22, 2014
He should stay with his mate....  And Derek should wake up, or better his wolf ;)
yumi_yaru yumi_yaru Nov 20, 2013
where is the update...if u r nit gonna publish then delete it yaar..(frustrated)