A Quartets Love | Uta No Prince Sama

A Quartets Love | Uta No Prince Sama

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Kat ♥︎ By Princess-KitKat Updated Dec 24, 2017

[ Quartet Night X Reader ]

          Being childhood friends with Otoya from way back when you both lived in the orphanage, it's only natural that you've already met all the ST☆RISH members. And so when he suddenly invites you out to a casual lunch with him, his bandmates, and their composer, you didn't think twice about accepting his invitation. 

          Though you weren't quite expecting to see your all time favorite idols there as well. 

          Now being face to face with you're number one band, it's up to you to decide who to choose in the end. Good luck.~

~Story Started 12/25/15~
I do not own Uta No Prince Sama! And everything in this story is purely fictional made up from my own insanity ^^

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I-Plea-Insanity I-Plea-Insanity Jul 28, 2017
Why do I keep getting called Lady? Is that a nickname given to me?
-_Cecilia_Mozai_- -_Cecilia_Mozai_- Oct 13, 2017
*runs to Best Buy for security cameras for 'security' reasons* yeeeeee
The thing that got me most was the rule 628 XD XD ...like I actually have 628 rules to go by if I meet an idol XD which I totally don’t your wrong I have 629 rules!
-_Cecilia_Mozai_- -_Cecilia_Mozai_- Oct 13, 2017
I'm so scared that they're actually listening to this convo rn omfhggggg
lkardell lkardell Apr 25
turn around with a small apologetic smile then book it as fat as u can
-_Cecilia_Mozai_- -_Cecilia_Mozai_- Oct 13, 2017
Correction I like him in Sub, dub was kinda cringe, BUT I LOOOOVE THIS FANFIC -w-