A Quartets Love | Uta No Prince Sama

A Quartets Love | Uta No Prince Sama

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Kat ♡ By KatTheOtaku Updated Apr 08, 2016

[ Quartet Night X Reader ]

          Being childhood friends with Otoya from way back when you both lived in the orphanage, it's only natural that you've already met all the ST☆RISH members. And so when he suddenly invited you out to a casual dinner with him and his bandmates, you didn't think twice about accepting his invitation. 

          Though you weren't quite expecting to see your absolute favorite idols there as well. 

          Now being face to face with you're favorite band, what good could possibly come of this? Especially when those four seniors suddenly take an interest in you?

~Story Started 12/25/15~
I do not own Uta No Prince Sama! And everything in this story is purely fictional made up from my own insanity ^^

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OH YE YOURE RIGHT. *takes out phone*  *switches the case quickly to a one where it has daveed diggs dressed up as lafayette on it* bonjour bitch
                              actually me: *insert my pfp here*
I should google that if I ever get the chance to meet my favorite musical casts
I mean, I am a fan of STARISH as well and especially a fan of Syo cus I'm basically the female version of him and as you can see my pfp at the time is him but I do like Ai as well so ye, interrupting my fangirling is pretty serious :v
Nah, I'm in hell with my friends. @theantisocial13 u here or nah?
Correction I like him in Sub, dub was kinda cringe, BUT I LOOOOVE THIS FANFIC -w-