Loving, Senior, Howell. (Dan Howell X Reader) //Book Two of JSH\\

Loving, Senior, Howell. (Dan Howell X Reader) //Book Two of JSH\\

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Two years ago, Dan Howell was nothing but a jerk to you.
A little less than two years ago, Dan Howell was your crush; known to your best friend, Phil Lester.
Even lesser than two years ago, Dan Howell was your boyfriend who loved you dearly; no secrets kept.
More than less of two years ago, Dan Howell took you on a trip to meet his family. 
A little later than that, Dan Howell was beaten in front of you by his father.
That same day, Phil requested a rather stupid but smart idea.
About last year, Phillip and Daniel became legal brothers.

Two years later, Daniel and yourself haven't been closer, Senior year of High School. The stress of college and job acknowledgements may not be the cherry atop of the year.
There will be first time "events" between you two.

How will you react when most of the senior girls seem to attract Dan like a magnet? How will Dan behave when his past is tracked with abuse? How will the three of you stay close after this?

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MadeCrazy MadeCrazy Mar 08
Harder than my final exams coming up?
                              That's pretty hard
ItalyanGamer45 ItalyanGamer45 Dec 13, 2017
TAKE THE HOLY WATER SINNER WE DO NOT NEED AMY BASTARDS (the real meaning of bastard is child out of wedlock)
-slooshen -slooshen May 13, 2017
What if the reader's last name was Howell? Howell and Howell. Sounds like a law firm.
MadeCrazy MadeCrazy Mar 08
my body? Unproportional, my hair? it's an ugly brown, my complexion? Meh it's average. But boobs? honey I'm flatter than a newly paved street
AndyBiersackIsDad AndyBiersackIsDad Nov 10, 2017
When i read its a shame i thought about I Write Sins not Tragities then i almost yelled "what a shame the poor groom's bride is a whore"
CringyYEEmo CringyYEEmo Mar 15
Same Phil I don't find me attractive... People say it's because I don't like girls, but I'm bi wth