My sweet gladiator REMAKE (Samgladiator  x reader)

My sweet gladiator REMAKE (Samgladiator x reader)

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The remake of my sweet gladiator!
You YUKI sister. You moved from Tokyo to live with Yuki and her friends for a while . blah blah blah find out the other parts from reading

    Jay_Flo_05 Jay_Flo_05 May 30
    Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town is finally here!- Kalos Region XYZ
    I have dark purple wolf ears and tail with light purple tips soo yea
    I'm gonna be Holo from spice and wolf since I'm a werewolf in the story
    BonBonShinsetsu BonBonShinsetsu Jun 27, 2016
    I'll be dressing up like Hatsune miku since my character looks like her.
    Newa_Chan Newa_Chan Jun 27, 2016
    I'll go as Rin Kagamine
                                  @ToyBonnieorMikane also My BF 
                                  Already got Hatsune Miku, maybe Gumi
    InsanityXxXPrincess InsanityXxXPrincess Nov 24, 2016
    Maybe Nanami Momozono??? Cause my O.C kinda looks like her and it's really easy to do 😂