A Demon's Love (Sebastian Michaelis x Reader)

A Demon's Love (Sebastian Michaelis x Reader)

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Maryam By Maryamsyed26 Updated Jan 31

(Y/N) likes to keep a low profile. It's difficult since she's inhumanly beautiful. The one thing helping her keep a low profile is her trusty (F/C) hoodie. It conceals her demonic aura and hides her beauty. Her loving dead parents gave it to her. Her parents were killed by a group of people that hated the (L/N) family. As (Y/N) is on the run, she encounters a rather strange butler, and his child master... Again. "I am Earl Ciel Phantomhive. This is Sebastian Michaelis, he is my butler. You are my new maid." Those sentences were the continuation of (Y/N)'s love story, a love story she ran away from 4 years ago. Will she give into the emotion she gave up, or run from it once again?

Disclaimer: I don't own Black Butler! I wish I did though, that would be awesome!

Hope you guys enjoy my book! Please don't steal any ideas from my book. Don't be rude or hate. Love you all!

(Y/N) = your first name
(L/N) = your last name
(H/L) = hair length
(H/C) = hair colour 
(E/C) = eye colour
(S/T) = skin tone
(F/C) = favourite colour

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O.o so do you want to talk I mean unless I  interpreted what I read you pretty much just killed yourself off in your own book great writing though
- - Feb 14, 2016