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hot chocolate » jjk

hot chocolate » jjk

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ぜんまい By adumbral Updated Aug 17, 2016

jsrmjhjmvjk97: is this
jsrmjhjmvjk97: have i finally found my hot chocolate!?!?!?!?!?!
deeamari: bOY IF YOU DON'T

                         © adumbral 2016

You better be lucky I like cupcakes, they better have sprinkles or I'm kicking some bodies ass.
Once again (again and again, sawry..) I should not have laughed this hard...
the_ND the_ND Jan 24
This is really offensive tho. 
                              You might be just exaggerating for humor but you probably consider my opinion.
I'm all the way in America ,but if Kookie say he want a black girl  I would pull up so fast to Korean omg
                              🏃🏾‍♀️💨 😂
Lol I just watched a interview where they all snitched on Rap Monster having porn on his laptop/computer