Je T'aime (Ladynoir X Adreinette)

Je T'aime (Ladynoir X Adreinette)

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Your Typical Fangirl By fangirls_too_much Updated Mar 11, 2016


//And WARNING: This is an old fanfiction.... I did not have good writing skills >back then<//

It was all a regular day...
Until an important 'person' gets akumatized.

Now this one isn't like any other akuma attacks

This attack is very special.

It involves some sacrifices.

Will the two superheroes make the journey.

Or will they have to give up their miraculous's

sofkra sofkra Mar 10, 2016
Yes you have ben infekted by the amazing think that is chats words
jackso_n jackso_n Apr 13, 2016
I'm lovin' it 
AoiReid AoiReid Apr 27, 2016
Congratulations, Chat Noir 💙💙
                              You've won a lifetime supply of air.
                              Not valid underwater, in space, when dead, while choking, or while being choked 
                              P.S. Have a wonderful father son weekend
                              Sincerely,  Forever Alone AKA being killed by fangirls
AoiReid AoiReid Apr 27, 2016
Hawkdaddy!!! Don't kill BAE!! You don't understand he's LITTERALLY the PURRFECT  legit guy for Ladybug!!! 💙💙😵😵🙀🙀
AoiReid AoiReid Apr 27, 2016
You could say he's purretty purrpared for catour attacks 💙💙😹😹
Amewilson Amewilson Sep 03, 2016
I'm crying from a story called 'Under the mask' there's only one chapter but it's so sad😭
                              But the pic cheered me up