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Best Friend's Boyfriend

Best Friend's Boyfriend

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DontGetYourHopesUp By DontGetYourHopesUp Updated Jun 18, 2013

There’s something calming about being outside right before a massive storm hits. You know a disaster is just waiting to happen, and you have every sign shouting at you to get the hell out. Yet you stay.That’s how I felt when I started hooking up with my best friend’s boyfriend. I knew it was wrong. I knew I shouldn’t have. I knew it would hurt her. But I did it anyway.

I already don't like her like I got over the fact you stole her man or w.e but then you keep pointing out you better than her! YOURE NOT!! sorry to break it to you but you're a snake and no one is better than another person God made all equally.
Diana4g Diana4g Aug 16, 2016
I wld melt if I had to talk to call these cute guys. Actually I wldnt know wat to say.
TheCCryBaby TheCCryBaby May 18, 2016
That is so me when i am with my best friend she is the pretty one and i am the ugly
girlofpastels girlofpastels Oct 31, 2016
in the words of girls at my school, she's a snake 🐍 🐍🐍🐍
Kawaii-TARDIS Kawaii-TARDIS Apr 14, 2016
Dam these last three paragraphs have been my life for the last few months. I'm already loving this!
Snakes I hate why dating her bf behind her back. She jealous coz she feels lonely and left out. Instead of getting u own bf and leave u shitty best friend so u don't fall far from her tho. Great book