Behind Closed Doors | 2

Behind Closed Doors | 2

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Melanin Monroe By MissParker_ Updated Apr 30, 2016

This is a sequel. Please read part 1 first.
Thank you and enjoy ❤️



The fresh, warm air caught me by surprise once I walked out of the double doors of Temple University Hospital. They tried to roll me out in a wheel chair, and I had a fit. I was not going to begin this new place in my life feeling helpless like I did for the week I spent in that hospital with those annoying sounds and annoying nurses and their fake ass happiness. I sighed deeply out of relief and let a smile spread across my face. Freedom. 

It seemed like winter had left and spring had arrived while I was stuck in there feeling sorry for myself. I was more than happy to be out and in a new head space. Like the weather, I too needed this fresh start. 

I looked out the window of Trey's impala like a tourist as we silently drove down the streets of Philadelphia to get to his apartment. I didn't know what to say to him, and I think he felt the same way. Was he still upset with me ...

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Im mean ... Im sorry to say this, but yes baby. It's your fault. You knew he was abusive, but you continued to stay with him. You not knowing you were pregnant doesn't take away from the fact that you knew Zo had no problem beating & raping you. You put you & your child in that predicament.
melanin_hoe melanin_hoe 7 days ago
bicth who cares. you need to be by yourself so u can think about the dumb shït you be saying.
BIGZEE20 BIGZEE20 Oct 25, 2017
Please just make her shut up. Everything she says is stupid and sounds dumb af
melanin_hoe melanin_hoe 7 days ago
when i say i’m tired of this bicth but obsessed with this book.
babycakesss_ babycakesss_ Jul 11, 2017
Either way he was gone put her ass in a hospital sooner than later . He saw the texts? Beat her near death .. Would of told him she was pregnant by someone else? Say outcome and she so honest so she would of told Zo the truth 🤷🏽‍♀️
0utsp0ken01 0utsp0ken01 Aug 01, 2017
As bad as I want to read this whole book I refuse too because Megan pisses me tf off and She not even a real person