Don't Blame Me

Don't Blame Me

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"You wanna hear my bet?" He calls behind me. I turn around and by my facial expression, he can tell I'm intrigued. 

I walk back towards him and he crashes his lips on mine. I pull away and he smirks and whispers, "I bet that soon enough you will beg me to be your boyfriend. You will get down on your hands and knees and beg me to be with you because you just can't resist me." He says cockily.

I scoff. "As if. And if you beg me to be your girlfriend, then what?"

"Whoever wins gets bragging rights."

I pin him against the wall and kiss him. And it's no ordinary kiss. I hold his face with one hand and my other hand plays with his soft, black hair. His arm wraps around my waist and he pulls me closer. Reece deepens the kiss and licks my bottom lip for entrance. I grant it and he slightly moans. I mentally smirk and pull away. I brush my lips against his as I whisper, "Deal."


Melody Burns is a normal teenage girl. She's a Junior, she is obsessed with music, has 4 brothers, got cheated on, and her brother thinks her best friend is in love with her. 

Normal right?

Some would classify her as a bitch.

Reece Morgan, one of her brother's close friends, doesn't make her life any easier. He teases her and makes assumptions about her.

But, will Reece and his arrogance make the situation worse? Will she isolate herself from the rest of the world? or Will she be wild and try living life to the fullest? 

Here's a clue: Neither. 

She doesn't like being bossed around and especially doesn't like having high expectations of her and others.


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