Mr. Ruthless

Mr. Ruthless

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SofieMegaGarnaal By SofieMegaGarnaal Updated Sep 01

"I'm a monster."

"Just because that's what you believe, doesn't mean it's true." Eleanor whispered, her voice trembling along with the rest of her body.

His eyes darkened as she took a step back. The contradiction proving the wrong in her words.

He laughed darkly, her movements didn't go unnoticed, she knew they wouldn't, his observant eyes were always analyzing her, he knew her body and he knew her. Maybe even better than she knew herself.

"I just killed 3 people right in front of your own-" he stopped, only to trace his finger over her closed eyes. 
"-innocent eyes, and you tell me I'm not a monster?" 

"I'm a beast Eleanor, and you know it." he took a threatening step forward, trapping her between the wall and his body. His muscles flexed as he lifted his arms, placing them on either side of her face. 

"I am ruthless tesora," his hot breath fanned over her exposed neck. She held in a moan that was daring to escape.
"but somehow you fail to see that." 

"I am no angel, Eleanor. Hence I wouldn't be surprised if Satan chose me as his right-hand." he hissed angrily, a traitor tear rolled down her cheek as fear struck her.

"I had given up on love for a long time, and then you decided to stumble into my life, ruining your own in the proces." He growled.

"And now I can't let you go." He drew in a deep breath before crashing his soft lips onto hers.
Sealing her fate along with his own.

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kattie1517 kattie1517 Apr 18
Niiiick. Never even heard of him before but just looked him up and omfg he's going to be in my dreams now
Omg how do u guys get such amazing trailers cause I really really wanna knw!!!!!!!
- - Mar 19
Is Eleanor in this story the same as the Eleanor in your other story, or is it merely coincidental? Do these two books relate to each other in any way? I'd like to know so I don't spoil one story by reading the other first, cause I really like them both. 
                              Keep up the good work! 😊
Love the video it must of took you a while to make . It look great !!!!
I'm reading this and I already can't get enough of this book. Can't wait for you to write more. You literally are amazing at writing stories. Love your work and can't wait to read more :)
ViolaArcticMonkeys ViolaArcticMonkeys Dec 23, 2015
I'm already on the edge of my seat ;) This man sounds dangerously hot ;)
                              I'm burning up!