Wish for something else(Percy Jackson/Agents Of Sheild/Avengers)

Wish for something else(Percy Jackson/Agents Of Sheild/Avengers)

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disclaimer: these characters, belong to Rick Riordan. I only own the plot, and the characters i create.

I watched as the world burned. The world burned, and the Gods just watched, forcing us to do the same. Well the world behind the mist, yes only the world behind the mist burned. It burned with such a fire that you could see, even beyond the obsidian black smoke. It stung their eyes, and burned their throats.

TwinsPoet TwinsPoet Sep 11
If my dog...was as ugly as you...I'd shave its butt.....and tell it...to walk backwards. Line claimed(≧∇≦)/
I actually thought this paragraph was in Swedish.. when the next one came I had to go back and check...
                              (Swedish is my first language)
LyraHarper LyraHarper Aug 31
It's soo weird, cause this is a thing that actually happens in Rick's writing(from what I've read so far). He's always the sassiest and most sarcastic a bit after something really important happened. It's really weird, and I find it really cool that you picked up on that as well
                              *grabs @brownone279 *
                              whhhhhaaaiiiiiii!?!?!??!?!??!?! *cries*