Nothing But Love

Nothing But Love

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Honeybee69_ By Honeybee69_ Updated Jan 05, 2017

I walked into my room at the new orphanage that I'd be staying at. I obviously had a roommate but she wasn't present at the moment. Her side was really pink and girly, which I didn't mind but I'm the complete opposite. They gave me a tour of the place and it wasn't nasty and broke down like many of the homes you hear about. It's more like a group home for homeless teens and those without families. The rooms resembled dormitories and after all I was grateful to be here. Saint Peters Home For Teens is a very hard place to get into and there's usually a waiting list. Everyone here ranges from ages 12-18. Ages 12-14 on one side and 15-18 on the other side. 

I'm Beyoncé Knowles and I'm 15 years old. I'm from Houston, Texas and my parents died when I was 7 when they were visiting Africa doing missionary work. They were both doctors and volunteered their services overseas but things went wrong and they were killed in a raid by terrorist. 

I was adopted when I was 8 by what I thought was a l...

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Saroyan09 Saroyan09 Jun 14, 2016
I was waiting for Rihanna doh... 
                              :( but I guess I'll love nicki
surfboardt surfboardt Jan 21, 2016
My best friend just looked at me and this is the same exact conversation we had 😂😂😂 Not that you care buts it's weird
ThaKid_Snapback ThaKid_Snapback Dec 24, 2015
She played in a hoodie whole time? Well of course your drenched!
BBNickiZ BBNickiZ Dec 23, 2015
I'm sorry. I love Aaliyah but Bey is the Bonnie to his Clyde.
Savvy_Lady Savvy_Lady Dec 23, 2015
Love the story line, and my favorites are Bey, Jay, Kelly, And Nicki.
gabsokayy gabsokayy Dec 22, 2015
Favorite Characters so far let's see .. well of course Bey , Jay , Kelly (the usual) and probably Kaycee and Mia