Draco Malfoy imagines

Draco Malfoy imagines

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rainbowjellybean12 By rainbowjellybean12 Updated Sep 10

you are sorted into slytherin and shit goes down. 

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JK Rowling created this world and everything that happens in it. I'm just adding something to her story but all praise goes to her.

Redwood wood, 12 3/4, dragon heart sting core, rigid flexibility
ahem am i just non existent im a great person who is in slytherin so f u
Rowan wood 11' Unicorn hair core and surprisingly swishy flexibility
yew wood, Phoenix feather core, 12 1/2 inches, and suprisingly swishy flexibility
thebigfour_ thebigfour_ Jan 22
Can I just pretend that it says Redwood wood with a unicorn hair core 12 1/4" and quite bendy flexibility?
Demi-Deatheater Demi-Deatheater Jul 12, 2016
Does Draco have a script that he follows when meeting new people? He said this to Potter as well.