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Friends With Benefits (Chenry FF)

Friends With Benefits (Chenry FF)

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Ari ~JN & PBC~ By sweetie5678929273663 Updated a day ago

Charlotte and Henry are the best of friends. But when high school starts things start to change and bodies. Henry and Bianca are still together but Henry doesn't feel that spark anymore. What happens when Henry lays his eyes on Charlotte but doesn't want to break up with Bianca? 


"Henry, what are you doing here?" Charlotte asked eyeing Henry.
"I have an offer" Henry replied
"I'm listening" Charlotte said sitting next to Henry.
"Friends with benefits" Henry stated 
"Come again?" Charlotte asked
"Friends with benefits. I want to be friends with benefits with you. You have a hot body and your personality is great. But the thing is, I don't want to be break up with Bianca" Henry explained
"So you want to basically be sex partners?" Charlotte clarified 
"Yes" Henry said. Charlotte thought in her head. Should I do this or not? She looked at Henry and saw him looking back at her.
"I'm in" Charlotte said 
"Really?!" Henry exclaimed 
"Yes" Charlotte said laughing. Henry hugged Charlotte and smiled. What have I gotten myself into?!

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MichelleNesongano MichelleNesongano Apr 16, 2016
I think there no use any longer since Jace norman is now dating Isabela Moner which sucks but we can keep up with the fanficctions of Henry danger. Yeah!
Horny hormone filled teenage boys......don't you just love em