The ballet dancer and the football star BoyxBoy (mpreg)

The ballet dancer and the football star BoyxBoy (mpreg)

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Ariel Rossi is a small beautiful petite boy that's lived in Italy his whole life. His passion has been dancing ever since he could remember. Although his now dying teacher thought he was too small to dance as a boy, so he grew his hair out and dances on pointe with all of the girls in his class. Then on his 17th birthday his parents tell him that they are moving to a small town in America! He is going to have to leave his friends in Italy and have to adapt to life in America.

Hunter lupus is the soon to be alpha of the silver claw pack. He is 6'6 and plays football for his school football team. All of the girls love him but he never finds himself attracted to them. There is one problem, hunter has not found his mate and needs to quick before the full moon on his 18th birthday. 

What will happen when the small ballet dancer and the big bad football star meet? 

WARNING! This is boyxboy! Contains explicit material! DON'T LIKE DON'T READ!THIS STORY WILL ALSO INCLUDE MPREG!

I understood that I'll have to skip Italian sentence or I'll get sick ( not offending you author I know it's all google translate fault 😉)
What is this "Mozart" is it a new emo band I havnt heard about
There will never be a book based in sacramento california*sigh*
Errinnionic Errinnionic Jul 09
Does anybody else skip the Italian and read the English? Or is that just me being lazy
Aesethic4 Aesethic4 7 days ago
Hehehe...I have read this book so many times, I could write it again exact same words...oops
030504Emma 030504Emma May 25
You said in the description that his name was Ariel just wanted to tell you