Deadly Beautiful

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Sahara By xxPhireandIcexx Updated a year ago
My name is Katerina Rosa Giordano and to say my life isn't normal is an understatement...
    See most girls my age, their lives are all about school, boys and shopping, but mine is whether I'll make it home tonight in one piece and wondering how the heck I'm going to get this blood out of my clothes!
    That's right you heard it... Blood.
    See since my parents were executed when my twin brother Aleksander and I were young we found out a pretty ugly truth when our long lost grandfather picked us up from the police station. 
    Our whole family are assassins and spies. 
    Our deceased parents, cousins, aunts and uncles are all part of the family business and now we are too, so blood kind of comes with the job description.
    Now just as I thought my life couldn't get anymore complicated... It does.
    Join me as I uncover secrets and lies, experience heartbreak and loss, gain enemies and friends and maybe find love?
you have a way with words that is absolutely amazing!(:  I love your writing style(: Your word choices are really good too!(:
I'm loving that the main character can kick some serious butt! I see so many stories where they are just wrapped up in everyone else and are always getting themselves in trouble.. Just things that I don't think suit many stories. 
                                    This is still great! You've got my vote! c:
That actors you picked just seemed to fit so well!
                                    Everything was beautifully written. I couldn't find anything wrong, but I'm sure that's thanks to you editors too! :) Very very original!
being italian is perfect for an assassin family! Classy et cetera. And the Grandfather is awesome, well done on development of that character.
Don't give us all the information. Let it be a mystery it makes the book so much better
YUMMM!!! I VERY much like Nate :P Selena is a butt-munch :( She should grow up and not threaten people, but Kit Kat can handle herself pretty well! I can't wait to see more of Nate and any of Kit KAt's brothers :) You have so many attractive guys in here it's crazy!!! But I like it ;)