Living With The School's Bad Boy

Living With The School's Bad Boy

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Bello Faridat Adesubomi By chocolatexcandy Completed

Each step he took, people cleared way from him. He finally reached me and looked into my eyes making my breath hitch in my throat. 

"I missed you, Hay." 

And with just that, I smashed my lips to his and he responded immediately. He wrapped his arms round my waist and pulled me closer to me deepening the kiss. I tangled my fingers in his hair and tugged on it causing him to moan.

We made out for a while then we pulled away and my eyes remained on his lips. "You look fucking beautiful, Hay." He whispers to me and I look into his eyes and they held so much love. "Can't believe I left this face for four months.'

"Are you back now?" I ask him

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JanSport12 JanSport12 Sep 13, 2017
Who in they right mind agree to let an 18yr old to stay at their house for a YEAR, unless there's money involved
happy_the_cat2004 happy_the_cat2004 Jun 27, 2017
a hole year wow. i would have jumped up and down if my mum went way for that long!
alykate98 alykate98 Nov 17, 2017
That's a joke right??! Cause there's no frack in' way ANY parents would tell their child a bloody night before they were leaving... That they were leaving for an entire year... That's just so beyond cold. *brrrrrrr*
They just want to get rid of their daughter i swear 😂😂✋
theCivilSavage theCivilSavage Mar 30, 2016
Your username attracted me to read this story. I love Korede.
p1ishola p1ishola Apr 09, 2016
Are you Nigerian? I am. Btw my fav song by korede bello is romantic@Korede_Bello