Warriors of the Hollow World

Warriors of the Hollow World

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Steven Brandt By StevenBrandt Completed

*** An Ooorah's 2017 Winner in categories "Space Opera" and "SF Writer" *** 
In a distant future, on the edge of known space, a discovery is made which may be the key to human survival.

The Allied Worlds starship Leonardo has just found an artificial world the size of a thousand Earths, a massive spherical structure with a negative gravity sun at its center and a civilization on its interior.

The scientific knowledge used to create the Sphere could provide them with a way to win a war against the Draetch, a race which is hunting the human race to extinction. Unfortunately, there are two problems standing in their way.

First, the Kushar, the people who dwell inside the Sphere have lost the understanding of their own technology.

Second, the Draetch got their first. Their vessel is, however, damaged and unable to attack or fly. Is this an opportunity to broker peace with the Draetch, or should their stranded vessel simply be destroyed? Can the crew of the Leonardo reverse engineer the mysterious devices built by the Kushar before the Draetch return?

If you like space opera, advanced technology, alien cultures, and a touch of the mystical, you'll love "Warriors of the Hollow World."

Join the crew of the Leonardo and the Kushar as, together, they struggle to find the science that will help both their people's survive.

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rhythmchyc rhythmchyc Jun 03
Thumbs up: this paragraph is chock full of character development, plot development, and this fascinating hive mind concept.
rhythmchyc rhythmchyc May 31
Thumbs up! This mix of psychic torture and physical threat packs a punch. The character is nearly helpless. Only her will will save her.
rhythmchyc rhythmchyc May 31
Curious: Why did you decide to make the minds of females stronger?
rhythmchyc rhythmchyc Jun 03
Olara has three names in this chapter. Why? It feels too much to me. 
                              Also, what is Dlexa?
RainerSalt RainerSalt Mar 27, 2017
Was confused here: Who strikes at whom? I first thought that it's one of the Claw-Clan's males striking at the adolescent, but later I realized that it's probably one of the adolescent males (whom Olara has not seen before) striking at Oloara.
rhythmchyc rhythmchyc May 31
HEART RACING and THUMBS UP. I’m liking your suspense build up, here. I have a sense of your character and her abilities all the while growing fearful of what’s to come.