ALS (GxG) Completed (Not edited)

ALS (GxG) Completed (Not edited)

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Joey By WannaHickey Completed

This is a story about an ignorant yet remarkably adorable girl named abbey, when she finally met her caress named avery her world became so much colorful. A way too different from the world she used to grew up to. But how if abbey discovered avery's deepest secret? How would she deal with it? Thats for you to find out. :)


Cara delevigne as (Avery) 

Shin min ah as (Abbey )

Again, this is gxg story. Continue reading if you're curious, leave the page if you're not comfortable with this kind of story.

Any names, places and events

 are  produced by the writer's creative mind. 

Thankyou and enjoy reading. :)

WannaHickey WannaHickey Feb 06, 2016
I will po soon. :) thanks for reading.. Leaving a comment and for voting.
bcabugsa34 bcabugsa34 Feb 16, 2016
Hindi Lang like author..gustong gusto ko author..galing mo..
WannaHickey WannaHickey Feb 17, 2016
Really? :)) yung mga reader na gaya mo yung rason kung bat pinagpapatuloy ko ang pagsusulat. :) thanks for spending your time reading this..
blackdemon2314 blackdemon2314 Aug 04, 2016
I'm backkkkkkk laaaa  ms.a na.miss kong basahin mga story's mo