The Gangleaders Daughter

The Gangleaders Daughter

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Amy By Forget_the_past00 Updated May 07, 2016

"Do you have you gun?"




"Pepper spray?"

"Ye- wait what? Why do I need that if I have a gun?"

"You don't want to kill the boys who look at you, only hurt them."

"Bye dad. I love you!"

"Love you too."

Malia Blake is the Gangleaders daughter. She has light purple hair. She's beautiful and has a lot of protection. I mean a lot, a whole gang to be exact. Her mom died at the when Malia was just 3. Her brother is a little less protective than her dad, but still very protective. She's in the Blood Moon gang.

Matt Fields is a gangleader and said to be the bad boy of the school. He has no family and lives in a mansion with his best friend. He hates the Blood Moons because they killed is mom, soon leading his dad to suicide, which caused him to take over early. Night Fall is his gang.  

What happens when Malia catches Matts eye, only to learn, he's out to kill her brother.

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arixane arixane Apr 07, 2017
Wtf such a cheesy pick up line like dude, can you fuc*ing not.
SangWooIsDaddy SangWooIsDaddy Apr 19, 2016
Haven't even started it yet and I just got distracted by her hair.  It's sooo puuurrtty