The Zabini Twins

The Zabini Twins

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Valentine By BlueSeraphos Updated 7 days ago

It's already after the war and on her 17th birthday, Hermione finds something that changes her life, forever. She also receives a letter from Hogwarts, to invite her to redo her seventh year. 

How will Hermione act? What will she find? What if she's actually a ...... Pure blood?

*Hermione is 17 in this book! And no one died from the war(Shocking, I know, but I need it this way)and the death eaters got sent to Azkaban! And Hermione is not together with Ron! ( the kiss never happened) 

Disclaimer©: All characters belong to J.K Rowling.

Oh my god at first I read this wrong and I thought it said her mother poked her room into her head
KillThemOff KillThemOff Mar 13
Wait, your real name? Not being mean, just think that's an awesome name. Although, bet you never found your name on a coke bottle. Join the club.
In my middle school time (I'm still in 8th grade) I went from a Victoria secret b to ddd
I think this is good and I hope that Hermione is with Draco 
                              It's not too long
It's jean as that's her middle name and she was named after her mother eg Hermione Jean granger it's kinda like the Malfoy a middle name will always be the fathers name if boy and mothers if a girl e.g. Draco Lucius Malfoy
AsyaValdez AsyaValdez Feb 12
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