The curse of the lotus flower (Owari no Seraph x reader)

The curse of the lotus flower (Owari no Seraph x reader)

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Zero/Aemtha By Aemtha Updated Jun 23

On the other side of the world, London. The subjugated were not only used for livestock, they were used as slaves. Those adult humans who survived the virus were used as butlers or maids, if they were trustworthy enough. If not, they were just there to repopulate the livestock. Most children who were blessed were just dolls, the other children who were cursed were used as a play toy. Either way, they were used as entertainment.


Turned vampires are rare, so are hybrids. The purebloods would do anything to get rid of the rejects and the unwanteds, but that anything is just one thing. They kill their own kind.

Everyone knew there is no way that could change a vampire back to human.

But... Such a miracle.

A miracle to be cured..

Under one circumstance... Give in to sin.

((A/N: I'm really sad I don't get to see good Owari no Seraph x reader fanfics, I'm really obsessed with the kind of fanfics that have serious plots and a full on book. I hate one-shots. So God be with me))

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Sian_Ri Sian_Ri Apr 03
Eh I'm fine with it. I'm waiting on Shinya and Guren to pop up xD
Dude if your writing style wasn't so good I would have stopped reading, but dAmN I love this book already
Nooo hes supposed to be the sassy gay friend ahahha (i'm assuming this is Ferid)
Mikuru_Iru Mikuru_Iru Dec 13, 2016
Waaaat?! But isn't this OnS x reader?????? Meh! Great story doe!
bettersetter bettersetter Jun 18, 2016
Re-reading this hehe, anyways I was wondering if you'd write more about reader's friends? Her background story and how they meet before the vampires took over London.
slaine2002 slaine2002 Sep 04, 2016
I'm gonna have this lullaby in my head for a long time ... It's catchy!