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"Hey man is that your slave? Haha!" 

"Excuse me? That's my girl friend you piece of shit." 

"Oh I didn't know that dating your slave is a thing now." 

"You know what-" 

"Baby it's fine let's just go." 

"No mami, imma not let this fucking dick talk about you like that." 

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Nigga nigga niggggaaa can't u see that's my favorite word don't mess with me
I used to microwave my Barbies , cut them, remove their limbs, or drown them. Plus draw on the faces. Man bless those toys 😂😂😂😂
I had sooo many dolls but I never played with them I tortured them🤷🏽‍♀️💀I was a weird little girl
i know right, like, watta bout the asian dolls??? im asian :(
I can't relate relate because i always hated dolls i was more a teddy bear person
*slowly claps hands* *wipes tears* beautiful boo just beautiful!